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Season Review

Everyone knew this was going to be a difficult season when 1st team manager Dean Rogerson stepped down. Wed lined a couple of managers to come in but were let down at the last moment and were suddenly short of players. Dave Heard stepped in after leaving Tadcaster Magnets and brought down plenty of young talented players. Pre-season was a bit sketchy, but the season started brilliantly, with Haxby near the top of table after 7 games. Even with these new players, we needed new faces, and after advertising for players we suddenly had plenty of lads down. This boosted the reserves, who, at the start of the campaign, had a promising looking squad.

Then Dave left for Selby Town, taking all of the lads he brought down with him. Nico stepped up from the reserves to run the first team. The promising reserve team was ripped apart as players had to step up to the firsts, Ed Peo took charge of the resers for the first couple of games before Woco took on the manager role. Thanks to the lads we had bringing down their mates; and in a few cases their brothers, we somehow scraped enough players to get through the first few games.

The Premier league though is no place to have a team that started a reserve campaign. We knew it would be tough and needed strong characters and a great team spirit. Despite going out expecting to be beat, the first team lads kept playing and kept the club running. It would have been easy to jack in but somehow weve made it to the end of the season for which everyone involved with first team deserves a huge amount of credit.

Life was a bit easier for the reserves. We gradually got a team together that could compete in what is a tough league. For many of the lads playing it was their first taste of senior football. We had a few ups and downs but managed to avoid the drop in what has been the most competitive Reserve A for a few years, another great achievement.

Behind the scenes its also been a struggle with a lack of finances, players coming and going, people changing roles, upset refs(!)... But, again, thanks to some hard work from everyone on the committee, the club has made it to the end of the season.

In the end the First Team finished bottom of the Premier league with 12 points, and the Reserves finished 7th in Reserve A with 19 points.

2011-2012 Images

2011-2012 Presentation Evening

Pres evePres evePres eve
Matt Dawson & Kieron Harris
1st Team Manager's Player(s)
Kieron Harris
1st Team Player's Player
Mike O'Connor
1st Team Top Scorer
Pres eveBean-headPres eve
Nathan O'Dwyer
Reserve Team Manager's Player(s)
Luke Warwick
Reserve Team Player's Player
Dan Hilton
Reserve Team Top Scorer
Pres eveFirst Contrib?Copo
Steve Nicholson
First Team Contribution
Ian Copson
Reserve Team Contribution


Player Name1st Team Apps1st Team GoalsReserve Team AppsReserve Team Goals
Tom Beattie1000
Nic Black7200
Arron Bourke1040
Nathan Bourke20163
Phil Bruce7100
Josh Buckley6200
Ben Buck1000
Rich Burnett5041
Andy Carter8010
Tom Coll0070
Ian Copson20160
Gavin Craven0051
Matt Dawson25110
Alfie Dear00175
Levi Dear00140
Pete Dransfield1000
Chris Drummond20020
Yousef Fitzmaurice2030
Jack Green13000
Simon Hall12080
Kieron Harris22441
Carl Heard7100
Craig Heard71800
Dan Hilton501811
Adam Kelly3062
Jason Kelly30220
Josh Luckhurst71100
Duncan McNaughton1000
Luke McNaughton9000
Paul Miller0020
Adam Nicholson3000
Mike O'Conner16730
Nathan O'Dwyer00162
Rob Oxley1000
Marc Pearson40200
Dave Pugh10190
James Pugh00100
Jamie Pulleyn0010
Glen Robinson15000
Henry Robinson12020
Tom Robinson11222
Billy Ross18230
Dan Slater3000
Linden Smith10140
Reed Speck0050
Darren Storey3200
Spencer Sutton10000
Mike Taylor16241
Matt Usher17030
Sam Wade1010
Dale Waddington2010
Luke Warwick11080
Josh Wynn92104
Rich Wishart9110

York Minster Engineering Tables 2011-2012:

Premier League:

Old Malton2870
York RI2845
Ham Panthers2830
Keystones F.C2829
Haxby United2812

Reserve A:

Old Malton1832
Haxby United1819

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